During the Terminal's operation, a number of technological and environmental improvements have been made:

  • The interconnection of different pipelines, allowing for more efficient use of pumps when unloading various cargoes;
  • The installation of a system that loads railway tank-cars, which is a change from the original design that only allowed cargo to be transported seawards;
  • The installation of additional pipelines between the technological lines, connecting the different tanks in order to be able to accommodate larger quantities of homogeneous cargo, or small lots of different cargoes at the customer's request;
  • The installation of an additional discharge manifold for railway tank-cars to allow a larger quantity of several cargoes to be discharged at the same time;
  • The installation of a main manifold for all tanker's loading lines, facilitating the efficiency of the terminal operators and reducing the time necessary to load various petroleum products onto the tankers;
  • The installation of an unloading system for pressurised railway tank-cars, using inert nitrogen gas;
  • The connection of a vapour recovery unit to tank farm No. 05 in order to integrate it into the overall vapour recovery system;

All modifications were carried out in accordance with the technical working designs of UAB "Projektų centras" or UAB "Provivo LT", certified design companies in Lithuania.